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Alumnae Information

Alumnae Information

Welcome, Alumnae!

We are so excited to have you join us for the 20th Annual Sigma Alpha Omega Convention! We have worked to design alumnae specific activities for you throughout the weekend when you travel to Covington, Georgia.


Bible Studies

There will be a specific Bible study that is catered to our alumnae sisters. We know alumnae are in different life paths than the active sisters and we want to help grow your relationship with God through a Bible study created just for you. Do you want to help design and lead alumnae-centered Bible studies? Please contact Emma Clyde for more information.

Alumna Luncheon

Come and enjoy a convention tradition at the alumnae luncheon in partnership with the Sigma Alpha Omega Foundation. At this luncheon, you will get a special meal served while visiting and networking with your fellow alumnae sisters from around the country. This is an event you do not want to miss! 

Alumna-ONLY Activities

Be on the lookout for more information regarding alumnae activities coming soon!

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