zoom tips & tricks


We are thrilled to have you with us, and we believe that God will move beautifully this weekend. Below you will find Zoom best practices and tips that we hope will make this experience accessible and engaging for all to attend. If you have tech questions during the conference, please feel free to email:

and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible! For the best experience possible, we recommend you attend via laptop or desktop and not from your phone.

things to do BEFORE Convention:

1. Make sure if you’ve never had a Zoom account, you register for one and download the desktop app. It’s free!
For help, visit Zoom’s support site:

2. Make sure you have the newest update of Zoom downloaded.

To confirm: Log into your personal Zoom account by opening up the app on your desktop.

Click your avatar/icon in the top Right corner.

Scan/Scroll down to "Check for Updates".

Follow the prompts. It might be multi-step if you've never updated it.

3. Power down your device for 30-60 minutes before Convention weekend.

We all need time to recharge - your devices are no different.


4. Run a speed test!
Often we have multiple wifis connected to our devices - visit and run it using each individual wifi. Make sure the device you’re using to participant in Convention is running on your fastest speed to help with lag and other issues. Rule of thumb: The lower your ping, the better! The higher your mbps, the better.

zoom troubleshooting faqs:

To access the Zoom link, simply click the session title that you want to enter on the website. All the links you need will be on the password-protected page.

Having trouble with Zoom? Try one or all of these tricks to see if it fixes the problem:

1. Try refreshing the page.

2. Exit and rejoin the meeting.

3. Try adjusting your video and audio settings in Zoom. You might have a feature disabled or something lowered.

For SAO Delegates only: During AMOM, delegates will enter the meeting as Panelists. You must enter through the confirmation sent to your email. Make sure you are logging into that meeting using the email address you provided. Make sure you come into the room with your video off and sound muted.



This weekend is a mix of Google Meets and Zoom webinar and meeting sessions. Best practice across the board is to remain muted unless asked to unmute.

For Zoom Webinars
Only the panelists will be seen, but you will be able to ask questions using the Q&A box. Please type all questions in this box and the moderator will relay them to the panelists. You may use the chat box to communicate with other attendees. -- make sure you select “Panelists and Attendees” in the Zoom chat “To” box for everyone to see what you’re saying.

For Zoom Meetings
You will be able to see one another! If you do not want to be on video, you don’t have to be. But please, in the instance of workshops & breakout rooms, communicate with your facilitator that you’ll be off video via the chat.

For Google Meets

Like Zoom Meetings, you'll be able to see everyone. Many of these links, like our lounges, will be live at various points of the weekend. You may pop in and find somebody there unexpectedly! This is a great way to hang out and meet new people.