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Natasha Smith

Featured Sister Speaker

Natasha Smith is a wife, homeschool mom and North Carolina native who loves Jesus. A lifestyle content creator, writer, mentor and Entrepreneur. Coffee lover and Disney Princess (in her dreams). She shares from her life experiences and biblical perspective to “Inspire you to do life better” through faith and with Intention.

Natasha Smith hails from the SAO Alpha Chapter (class of '02) where she graduated with a degree in Engineering. She has served our sisterhood faithfully through national Trusteeship (2009-2012) and SAO Foundation Directorship (2015-16). She was awarded the SAO Trustee of the Year (2012) and Outstanding Alumna (2016). Located in Clayton, NC, she is a writer, speaker, and owner/founder of Lovely You Blog.

Nicole Newberry

Featured Guest Speaker

Nicole Newberry, from a tiny town in Northwest Arkansas (Berryville), is a married mom of two (Liam and Isla) who spends most of her time in a nomadic lifestyle, due to her husband’s occupation, homeschooling and being the hands and feet of Jesus along the way. She has a degree in Elementary Education from the College of the Ozarks, and has worked with children for much, if not all, of her professional life. 


Nicole has held positions as a kindergarten teacher and as a children’s church director. She has also volunteered much of her time speaking to women’s groups and churches.  She is currently pursuing a degree in theology from Puritan Reformed Theology. Her main desire is to just love Jesus and to make him known wherever she and her family travel - leaving His mark on the lives of those they come into contact with.

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Stephanie Henkin

Featured OCA Speaker

Stephanie Henkin has always had a passion for helping others. She became involved with the South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation in 2009 shortly after her Mother lost her eight year battle with ovarian cancer. Stephanie grew up in Hickory, NC and moved to Greer, SC in 2009, where she lives with her husband and six children.


Stephanie knew with the history of her mother’s ovarian cancer and her grandmother’s breast and colon cancer that the chances of having a positive BRCA gene were high. With the knowledge and experience she has had with the foundation Stephanie had genetic testing done and luckily she did not test positive for the breast or ovarian cancer gene (BRCA); however, with information from her doctor she was able to guide her sister to be tested where the results showed the gene mutation was present. With this knowledge, her family has been able to get guidance and support, and has developed an even deeper understanding of ovarian cancer and the BRCA gene mutation. Stephanie, along with her sister and family, are currently taking steps to learn as much as possible and exploring preventive care options to ensure long and hopefully breast and ovarian cancer free lives.