Frequently Asked Questions

What important dates should I remember?

  • November 20: Chapter Delegate Allowance Application Part One DUE to @11:59pm ET

  • January 2: Chapter Delegate Allowance Application Part Two is Released to Chapters who Completed Part One and submitted by the Due Date

  • January 15: Registration Open - Early Bird/Discounted Rate 

  • February 1: Award Nominations Open on Convention Website

  • February 15: Last Day for Early Bird Registration @11:59pm ET

  • February 16: Convention QA Training Call @7:00pm ET

  • February 16: Chapter Delegate Allowance Application Part Two DUE to @11:59pm ET

  • February 16: Regular Registration Rates Begin 

  • March 31: Last Day for Regular Registration Rate  @11:59pm ET

  • April 1: Late Registration Rate Begin

  • April 1: Award Nominations Close @11:59pm ET

  • April 7: Annual Meeting of Members Delegate Form Due to

  • April 19: Mandatory Delegate Call with Claire and Natasha @3:00pm ET​

  • April 15: Last Day for Late Registration Rate @11:59pm ET


I am an alumna. Can I attend?

Absolutely! All alumnae are welcome and encouraged to attend Convention. It is the perfect place to reunite with old sisters and create bonds with new collegiate and alumnae sisters. There will be alumnae specific activities throughout the weekend including a special alumnae luncheon, bible study and activities!

I don't have anyone to room with...should I go?

YES! You'll be matched up with a group of sisters from your chapter or another chapter. This is the perfect opportunity to meet another sister who also did not have a roommate.

How many sisters will be in a room?

How many sisters will be in a room?

There will be up to seven (7) sisters in a room. Each sister will have their own bed and there is a bathroom in each room. Some rooms also feature a balcony that overlooks the ocean with a small kitchenette in the room. The main rooms are set up where there are two sets of twin bunk beds, two full beds, and one pull out loveseat. Other rooms have different layouts but these will be the bulk set up of the rooms.

I live locally/would prefer to sleep off-campus. Can I get a discount for my rate since I won't be staying overnight on-campus?

Since Convention is a retreat-like experience, we encourage every participant to be "all-in" for the weekend and we do not allow attendees to stay off-site. We want every participant to take full advantage of meeting new sisters and participating in late-night events. Additionally, travel to and from off-site, non-Convention locations puts the National Organization at a higher liability risk for any incidents that may occur as our insurance does not cover damages unrelated to the prescribed locations for the event.

I don't know if I can afford it. Is there any financial aid?

There are scholarships you can apply for to gain financial assistance to attend Convention. For entire chapters, please stay tuned for a link to the delegate allowance application forms. If you are a non-delegate, look out for scholarship opportunities through Sisters by Grace Foundation. We also encourage all chapters and alumnae associations to hold fundraisers throughout the year so chapters can help alleviate the cost of Convention for sisters attending!

I can't find the check-in or check-out times. Where are they located?

You can find check-in and check-out information here no later than January 15, 2020.

Can I come just for a part of the convention?

As of right now, we do not offer part-time passes for Convention for Active Sisters. If you are an alumna sister wishing to attend, we are offering an Alumnae Night Pass that gives you all activities on Saturday, June 6th and Sunday, June, 7th with the exception of Saturday Breakfast. Check-In for that pass can be found on the Home Page or the Alumnae tab.

Can I come just for the Annual Meeting of Members?

There is no registration for attending only the Annual Meeting of Members. It is strongly encouraged that sisters attend the entire weekend to gain vital information to bring back to your chapter and fellowship with other sisters and chapters.

Can I bring my family?

At this time, families are not allowed to attend convention. This is something we are working on for future conventions but are not quite ready for yet! If you have any questions, please contact the Vice President of Events, Natasha Lyons at

What alumnae events will be offered?

Alumnae have the option to attend:

  • Alumnae Only Lounge

  • Annual Alumnae Luncheon after the Annual Meeting of Members

  • Alumnae Bible studies

  • Alumnae Activities

I've heard there is an awards ceremony. How do I nominate someone?

Information for nominations will be available in the coming months. You can nominate any sisters for any outstanding achievements on the Awards tab after February 1, 2020. 

How formal is the banquet and dance attire and atmosphere?

We encourage you to dress as formal as you would like. Cocktail dresses, sundresses, gowns--and even costumes related to the Convention theme--have been worn in the past.

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