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Funding Options

Funding Options

Delegate Allowances

Due to limited national funds, only chapters on the SNAP program will be afforded a portion of funding. For inquiries, contact Magen Nelson, Director of Financial Operations,

Delegates should be funded through the general chapter budget. We recommend allotting at least $400/delegate for travel and registration costs.

Convention Grants

Yearly, grant opportunities in the form of financial assistance to convention participants are offered from the Sigma Alpha Omega Foundation. These funds are available for distribution by the SAOF Directors to both delegates and non-delegates alike.


Please apply for the SAOF convention grant HERE.

You can stay up-to-date via their website:

For inquiries, please contact

Fundraising Options

Chapters are permitted to raise up to 35% of income in fundraising efforts. Here are some ideas for fundraisers to benefit the chapter sending representatives to the annual convention:

  • Spaghetti dinner with tickets

  • Restaurant night (portion of sales to chapter)

  • Sponsorship letters (send to friends, family, and chapter alumnae)

  • Car wash

  • Holiday/Birthday wreath-making or other craft orders and/or selling

  • T-shirt sales

  • Online fundraiser (e.g. Yankee Candle)

  • Bake sale

  • Chili Cook-off Competition

  • Raffle

In all cases, confirm with your university what is permissible on-campus and expectations with money management. Additionally, consider reaching out to local churches who may be excited that young Christian women are hoping to glorify God at your campus and may be willing to donate.

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